The Kerbside Handbook (pdf, 5mb) includes everything you need to know about kerbside collections and wheelie bins - a copy was delivered to every property that received a new wheelie bin.

What has changed?

  • Your rubbish bag kerbside collection remains a weekly service (the pick-up day may change)
  • Your council recycling crate is now used only for glass (all colours), and is collected fortnightly
  • Your new wheelie-bin is for paper, tin, cardboard and plastics (1-7) and is also collected fortnightly

bags, crate and wheelie bin

Who gets the new service?

Residents and businesses that were already receiving kerbsdie collections are affected by the changes to rubbish and recycling collection. If you do not currently get a kerbside collection service, you don't need to worry about the changes.

Why did you introduce the enhanced service?

We want to reduce the amount of refuse going to landfill and to save users and ratepayers money, which is why we've joined forces with our neighbours to deliver an enhanced service, which over the long-run will cost us all less.

  • The service offers customers an increase in recycling capacity using a user-friendly wheelie bin
  • - A "3-council contract" will bring savings to users and ratepayers of over $4.7M over ten years
  • - More local jobs will be created
  • - Increase diversion from landfill (more recycling, less use of landfill)
  • - Reduced transport costs (a local landfill is being used and we're sharing trucks with our neighbours)
  • - Reduced workload on the Refuse Transfer Facilities (more is collected at kerbside)

October 14When did the enhanced kerbside service start?

The enhanced service, with the wheelie bin, started the week of 14 October, 2013.

When will my wheelie bin arrive?

Wheelie bins were delivered from early August to late September. Everyone should have their wheelie bins by now - if you haven't got one yet, get in touch with us.

What can I put in my wheelie-bin?

  • Plastics (numbers 1-7)
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Tins and cans

Please do not any glass (this goes in your old crate) or general rubbish (this goes in your rubbish bag) in the wheelie bin. Check out the what can I recycle page for more info

Can I still use my recycling "crate"

Yes you can, but only for recycling glass (all colours). If you need an extra crate or two, you can purchase them from a Council office.

Do I have to buy extra crates?

If you need extra space for recycling glass once in a while our contractors will accept glass bottles in an additional council crate, available for purchase from your local council. Please make sure the 'crate' is easy to pick up by not overfilling any of your crates with glass.

What happens with my rubbish bags?

You still put your rubbish bag out every week - but your collection day might change - check with your Council if you're not sure.

How big is the wheelie bin?

The wheelie bin, made by Sulo-Talbot, has a 240 litre capacity and is approximately 1.06m high and just under 600mm wide.

Can I order a smaller wheelie bin?

If you're finding your 240L wheelie bin too big, please contact us and we can look at swapping it for an 80L wheelie bin. But we think residents should try the 240L bin for a while, you'll be surprised how much you can recycle!

car towing binHow can I tow my wheelie-bin to the kerbside?

We know many people live on hills or have long drive ways or both! Some are even lucky enough to have driveways close to the beach and made of sand.
If you need to tow your wheelie bin to the kerbside by car, you can purchase special wheelie bin tow bar attachments like this.

granny flying behind a runaway binI have a long driveway or I live on a hill and it is difficult for me to place the wheelie bin the kerbside

We know many people live on hills or have long drive ways or both! If you need to tow your wheelie bin to the kerbside by car, you can purchase special wheelie bin tow bar attachments like this.
The smaller 80L bin will also fit inside many cars and could be an option for many people living on hills or who have long driveways.
If you've been able to 'drive' a full recycling crate until now, you should be able to manage a wheelie-bin which has wheels.

Who owns the wheelie bin?

The wheelie-bins aren't owned by residents, but are allocated by the Councils to reside at an individual property (ratable unit). All bins have a unique ID that can be scanned to identify what property the wheelie-bin is allocated to.
If a wheelie-bin is misplaced or stolen, we can find out where it belongs if it is recovered at another address.

If I sell my house, can I take my wheelie-bin with me?

No, the wheelie-bin is allocated to the property and must stay with the property for the new owners or tenants to use.

What happens if my wheelie-bin is damaged or stolen?

If your wheelie bin is stolen, please contact your council as each bin as a unique ID number that can be scanned to locate it if we find it at another location.
Damaged or stolen wheelie-bins will be replaced at a cost to the customer.
A new 240L wheelie-bin costs $65 (excluding delivery), a new 80L wheelie bin costs $56 (excluding delivery).

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