Put back scheme terms and conditions

  • Only registered properties can access the wheelie bin put-back service.
  • Only put-backs that have been booked at least two working days prior to collection day can be serviced.
  • Wheelie bins need a numbered, dated sticker on them to be put-back.
  • Customer must ensure they have sufficient stickers when making a booking.
  • Bins will only be returned to just inside the street boundary of the property, where practicable.
  • Stickers are not transferable and may only be used on the registered property.
  • Some properties may be unsuitable for the put-back service. Service is provided at Smart Environmental Limited's discretion and tickets will be refunded if service cannot be provided safely.
  • Smart Environmental Limited cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to wheelie bins on properties where the resident has opted in to the put-back scheme.