What can I recycle?

Wheelie Bin

What goes in your wheelie bin?

  • Clean plastic (grades 1-7)
  • Clean tins/cans
  • Paper and cardboard

What can't go in?

Glass, liquids, rubbish, ceramics, crockery, porcelain, hot ashes, oven ware, food waste, bubble wrap, garden waste, electrical goods, engine oil bottles, automotive parts, disposable nappies, paint and chemicals.




What goes in your crate?

Glass (only empty glass bottles and jars - clear, amber, blue and green. No broken glass)

We DON’T recycle light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, pyrex dishes and ovenware, china and crockery – cups, saucers, plates – drinking glasses, window glass, opal glass, glass bricks, medical and laboratory glass containers, TV tubes and computer screens.

Why? Because New Zealand’s glass recycling furnaces can’t process this kind of glass.


rubbish bags

What goes in your rubbish bags?


If you want to reduce what goes to landfill, here's where you start. The less you put in here, the less goes to landfill.

Kerbside in your area

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